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Welcome to Tarpomatic

Tarpomatic is one of the most innovative Alternate Daily Cover systems for landfills on the market, supplying multiple cost saving and environmental advantages it is a must for any landfill operation. Deployed in over 600 landfills world wide, Tarpomatic is quickly becoming an industry best practice tool.
What Advantages does Tarpomatic provide you with?

  • Dramatically extend the life span and profitability of your landfill by saving valuable air space.
  • Cut your labour costs by at least 33% as one operator with one machine can deploy and cover up 702 square meters of workface in 15 minutes and retract and expose 702 square meters in 10 minutes.
  • Eliminate paying soil import levies as you will minimise soil as the daily cover for your workface.
  • Dramatically cut contaminated runoff as the Tarpomatic tarps are not only extremely tough and fire retardent but are also 99.99% water proof.
  • Save over 1 meter of air space per week, this equates to huge saving as you will now be able to sell this air space at the gate!
  • Eliminates employee’s direct exposure to the work face thereby minimising employee health risk.
  • Antibacterial coating on tarpaulins reduces harmful bacteria residue providing safer working environment for your employees.

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