1300 TARPED (827733)




Our Automatic Tarping Machine (ATM) is a patented self-contained unit that attaches to your heavy equipment to unroll and retrieve different types of fabric panels. Each ATM is custom fitted to be transported and lifted by the blade of your Dozer or Compactor, offering quick and easy attachment and removal from the equipment.


The ATM uses a hydraulic drive motor and engaging system to unwind and rewind the tarp spool with variable speed control. You can easily disconnect and reconnect spools, using a single ATM to link a series of tarps together to cover or uncover your landfill's working face.


Your equipment operator has complete control of the ATM's engine, height of the spool, and forward or reverse rolling through a controller unit placed in the cab. Using the equipment's own capabilities, your operator also has control over the ATM's height and tilt for even tracking when winding or unwinding a tarp over uneven terrain.


Our system is designed for 25.6m long X 9.1m wide tarpaualin panels. Each Tarp will cover an area of 234sqm and each spool will hold three tarpaualins, therefore each spool is capable of covering an area of 700sqm and the coverage is unlimited when multipal spools are purchased.


The Taromatic can also be supplied with an optional Deodorizer that deodorizes the workface while the tarps are retrieved.


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